Thursday, April 22, 2010

Half way there

Greetings from wet and cool Southern California. We're currently in Carlsbad, California and we've been to wholesale nurseries in Northern California - Tucson, Arizona - and the San Diego area of Southern California. Tomorrow we head north to the L.A. area ( nurseries in Riverside, Pasadena, Ojai & Santa Barbara, and a visit with a friend at Santa Clarita). Then it's north to San Francisco, with a possible stop at Santa Cruz. After that, home via the Sacramento Valley. I should have a few good photos when I get back.


  1. Good to hear that your trip is fine. As I've heard that (from Turkey!!!)there was lovely succulents in Santa Cruz. Your return to home with new plants would be great!
    Have nice trip!

  2. Hi Zeynep,
    We made it home yesterday after an eighteen hour drive from Ojai, California. Weren't able to make it to Santa Cruz on this trip as we were running out of money and space in which to pack any more plants. Hopefully on our next trip... :)