Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Box Elder Tree

If anyone is operating under the illusion that we live in an arid climate, this ought to set you straight. This is a photo of one of the variegated box elder trees in our yard. It's hard to find the bark at this time of year for all the moss. These are old trees, planted sometime shortly after the house was built in 1906.
Right now we're going through a wet spell, which is pretty normal for this time of year. In the summer, if things are normal, it will be dry.
Enjoy your plants.


  1. Hola Luther espero que estés bien, muy interesante saber que en esta época tienen bastante humedad, en cambio aquí estamos pidiendo que este año llueva pues llevamos varios años de sequía.
    He estado un poco triste por que tuve que pedir que sacrificaran a mi perrita pues estaba muy enferma, tenia varios tumores en el cuello.
    Un abrazo a la distancia.

    1. Hi Marisol,
      Yes, the weather has been strange all over the United States also, but here in western Oregon, we've been really mild - and dry - most of the Winter. But we had lots of rain in February and now - of all things - we're having snow! This is very very late for snow!
      Good to hear from you. My best wishes to you and yours from cold and wet Portland.