Friday, March 23, 2012

Bowiea volubilis

This is certainly not the best photo of Bowiea volubilis  ever taken, but it certainly shows off its strange inflorescence. This is an easy succulent bulb to grow and its inflorescence is amazing, especially with the addition of the small, delicate, yellowish-green flowers. OK, so the flowers don't smell the best, but they're small. They won't overwhelm you.
As for the snow we had yesterday, it's all gone now, but it turns out to have been the latest snow since they've been recording these things. Unofficially, it appears it did snow somewhere around the 2nd of April back in 1937. But, being unofficial, that doesn't count. And besides, I wasn't even born yet, so it can't count. ;)


  1. I love my Bowiea. I've had mine for almost 12 years. Bought on an expedition to Logee's with my sister when I lived on the east coast. She still has hers as well.

    1. Hi Kaveh,
      Yes, we've had these in our private collection for a long, long time. Cool plants, and easy to care for. Glad you enjoy it.