Thursday, December 29, 2011

Epicactus 'Piland's Pride'

No, Piland's Pride isn't flowering yet. This is from our archives, but buds are beginning to form. So I'm posting this photo as a kind of encouragement to those buds.
And with the weather the past few days, this may be all the encouragement they need. Our expected low tonight is about 50 F...and our high tomorrow is expected to be about 53. And rain. Well, not lots of rain, though there is a flood watch for a few areas. Let's just say it's wet! Normal, Oregon wet for this time of year.


  1. Hola Luther me encantan los epicactus y me gustaría ampliar mi colección y este esta maravilloso.
    estoy un poco ansiosa y nerviosa por saber como le fue a mi hija en el examen para saber cuantos puntos saco para poder entrar a la universidad, los resultados están el 3 de enero.
    Te deseo que tengas un Feliz Año 2012 junto a toda tu familia, un abrazo.

  2. I'm sure she'll do fine.
    Best wishes for a prosperous and healthy New Year!