Thursday, December 8, 2011

Aloe erinacea

We've had this old plant around for quite some time. It's been at least seven years since it survived  our big garage fire seven years ago when it was literally seared to a crisp on one side. Most would have given up on it. But here it is, growing strong and healthy. It helps that Aloe erinacea is such a nice plant no matter what.
Sometimes we're like that. Tough times can make us better people. It's not automatic and it's not a test from God. But it's possible and it's worth the struggle.

This is now considered by some to be a white-spined form of Aloe melanacantha. It's very slow growing, remaining pretty much the same size for a long time. It sometimes goes by the common name "Hedgehog Aloe."

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  1. Hola Lutero espero que estés muy bien, preciosa áloe y le queda muy bien el nombre de áloe erizo, me gustan sus púas un abrazo.