Thursday, September 22, 2011

Late season flowers: Glottiphyllum pygmaeum

Our early Fall warm weather is bringing forth a wealth of flowers from a variety of places. This one is Glottiphyllum pygmaeum, actually a dwarf form of G. nelii. But though it is not recognized as a separate species by most botanists, it's generally sold as such.
Like fat-tongued green gummy bears, these are quite easy to grow. Except for reducing the quantity of water while dormant during overly hot periods or during the short, dark days of winter, they enjoy moderate water with good drainage. The leaves will vary considerably depending on the conditions under which they are grown.
For those for whom Greek is "Greek" (like me, though I studied "Koine" Greek many (many) years ago, so I do have a little advantage.), the genus name comes from γλωττίς (glottis), meaning "tongue" and φύλλον (Phyllon), "leaf", thus "Tongue Leaf". [Aren't those botanists clever? Who'ld a thought it?]
Yesterday and today have been hectic as I do the task of transferring things from our old Windows XP to our new Windows 7. I hope to get it finished tomorrow...and then we hope (!) to be able to take a couple of days off next week over at the coast.


  1. Hola Lutero sencillamente maravillosa estas hermosas flores, nunca había visto algo así, muchos saludos y espero que estés bien.

  2. Many thanks, Marisol. Doing fine, just overwhelmed with too much work that needs to be done. Therefore, next week we're going to spend a night at the Oregon coast for a change of pace...watching the surf, walking the beach, reading, having a latte at the local espresso shop...Oh my, I can hardly wait!
    My greetings and best wishes to all.