Monday, September 5, 2011

Echeveria 'Domingo'

A new addition to our Echeveria collection:  Echeveria 'Domingo'. A Dick Wright hybrid of Echeveria runyonii and Echeveria cante [Syn.: E. subrigida]. It has salmon-pink flowers with orange interiors and grows to about a foot in diameter and height.



  1. Hi Luther!
    You make deliveries to Argentina?
    Your plants are beautiful!

  2. Thanks Ceci. Yours look beautiful as well. I check your postings regularly and am very impressed.

    I wish we could just hop on a plane, pack some plants, and head on down...and of course, bring back a few as well. However, not much chance of that!

    We've never had the pleasure of selling plants to South America so I'm not too familiar with the rules and regulations. I know Brazil is almost impossible, requiring an import permit from Brazil as well as a phytosanitary certificate from our end, and then it appears likely that the plants will be denied entry by Brazilian customs anyway. As a licensed nursery we have to abide by all the rules and regulations. We charge $31.00 for a phyto and shipping is at cost, usually US Postal Service Express Mail International (3-5 day delivery time). We just sent a very heavy shipment to Korea today and one to Shanghai China last week.

    I hope all is well with you and your family. Hugs!

  3. thanks! I will investigate how the process can be done!
    but if the package weighs less than 500 gr. needs nothing ...
    and shipping is done at your own risk on my part
    you could tell me the value of such hybrid Echeveria?
    thanks again
    forgive the inconvenience, and greetings to your family

  4. Hey Ceci, it's no inconvenience.

    I did some further checking on line and it appears that Argentina requires that the buyer obtain an import permit and the Phytosanitary Certificate cannot be issued unless the import permit is in hand. The documents I've read from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which regulates such matters, says that we cannot ship to Argentina without a Phyto.

    Regarding the value on these plants, I just put them up on our sales list today.

    Sorry for the hassle. In reality, if the ag inspector realizes that we shipped without the proper paperwork, we can be fined.

    Again, your questions are not an inconvenience at all. As a friend, I wish we could just short circuit all of this.



  5. Luther ok, no problem
    authorities in my country are terribly bureaucratic and get the permits is so difficult as to achieve regular flights to the Moon
    Also, continue to delight the eye with its beautiful plants
    thank you so much!!
    Peace for you too

  6. Hi Ceci,
    I'll write to you later on our personal email and then we can carry on the conversation.

  7. Sorry I haven't written on our personal email. We've been swamped, both with echeveria orders and with some personal stuff. I *will email you this week. (Sorry...I won't be able to make it to your workshop.) ;)