Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mammillaria zielmanniana

While I was preparing plants for the sale this weekend I was again impressed by the variation in flower color with Mammillaria zeilmanniana. As an example, observe the following four plants I potted up today. They're all M. zeilmanniana, but what a difference.
Some botanists now place this with in M. crinita, but when you've been around these plants for as many years as we have, it's kind of hard to change.

A warm welcome to those of you who are new to the blog. In general, I keep the talk at a minimum and let the photos do their thing. But I welcome your comments and feedback. Once in a while, when I'm more awake, I may go into the background of a particular plant. But mainly, I hope you enjoy the images.

Lynn-Marie (my wife) and I co-own a small succulent nursery and the blog is a part of that. But though we would love to have you check out our nursery, the purpose of the blog is not to sell plants but to increase interest in and enjoyment of these fascinating plants.

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