Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hoya compacta 'regalis'

This isn't the first time I've posted this flower, and if it seems like I keep repeating myself, it's because it keeps flowering so often. It just hangs there above our kitchen sink (except when it goes outside as it will soon) and keeps on flowering and flowering.
And yes, I'm back from the succulent society sale. The weather was better this year than last year and it was good to see some of you there. It didn't seem like it would be very successful at first, but it did pick up and I think the club will get a decent return. (Thanks to Lynn-Marie for the photo.)


  1. Hola Lutero preciosa la hoya aunque yo la conozco como crepia, tengo una mata hace varios años y nunca me ha florecido, saludos Marisol.

  2. do you find that it gives you horible alergies? i think mine is trying to kill me

  3. No, we've never had any allergic reactions, and I don't know anyone at our C&S society who has either. Sorry it effects you.