Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Portrayal of "She Who Watches" (Tsagaglalal) by Lynn-Marie Kara

Today I'm sharing one of Lynn-Marie's latest works. It's a portrayal of the petroglyph from the Columbia River Gorge known as "She Who Watches" or "Tsagaglalal", a wonderful image from ancient times. The portrayal loses a little in the digital translation, but I think she's caught the power of the image. You can read about the legend here.
The Columbia River Gorge is located to the East of Portland, an absolutely outstanding natural and recreational area. The picture below is looking East, past the Vista House; the petroglyphs are located further to the East. Washington State is on the left; Oregon on the right.
Kelvin Kay, user:kkmd Category:Columbia River ...Image via Wikipedia
Enjoy your plants!
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  1. We were just out there this weekend, and unfortunately hadn't made the needed reservation to see "she who watches." Still the others were good to see, and it was a glorious sunny day to enjoy the Gorge.