Friday, April 15, 2011

Aporocactus 'Oakleigh Conquest'

This is one spiny hanging basket plant, but the flowers make up for that and then some. Every spring the flowers come on like gangbusters, putting on a wonderful show.
I've been absent for a day or two as we try to move our email files from one older computer to a newer one. Of course the newer computer won't recognize the format of the files on the older model. Thank you Microsoft! I've taken a reprieve for now and I'll try again another day...


  1. A wonderful flower :) beautiful!!

    Regards Luther!

  2. Lutero hermoso el aporocactus que cuando la mire la confundí con un epicatus, el color es lindisimo.
    gracias por compartir Marisol.

  3. That flower is absolutely beautiful! The color is amazing. I've been considering buying a plant simmilar to this one--maybe now that I see the blooms I will go for it. So nice--thank you.