Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mammillaria bocasana 'Fred'

Fred is one strange plant...sort of a cross between the "blob" of old black & white movie fame and the "Thing from Outer Space", another old 50's movie. A monstrouse form of Mammillaria bocasana, Fred does all sorts of things. You can't be sure what the new growth is going to be like. This one's decided to throw off a yellow "sport". For many years no one was quite sure what it was, not until it reverted to it's normal parental form that is. But we all really know it's whatever your imagination wants it to be.


  1. But you have to admit: this Mammillaria is one PRETTY blob :D

  2. Lutero esta mammillaria me dejo impactada, jamas se me hubiera ocurrido que era una mammillaria.
    muy linda por cierto.
    saludos Marisol.

  3. What..... interesting.... and .... wow ! : )