Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lithops hookeri var. dabneri C13

For those of you who are growing just Lithops, winter can be a rather boring time. But now...the mouths are beginning to open and the new leaves begin to emerge. Slowly building excitement. (Some of my friends would say it's about as exciting as watching grass grow, but I strongly disagree.) This may be slow, but it's not boring. This is a group of Lithops hookeri var. dabneri ex. C13.
We're beginning to get a little early Spring, while the Central and Eastern parts of the U.S. are suffering under a severe winter storm. In fact, it's been colder in Tucson than it is here for the last few days...but that will change soon enough. Saw our first daffodil flower yesterday!!! Yes!


  1. cuties! they make me wish to own more hookeris, i lost some this winter..
    it's true. i look at mine everyday to see some progress. they are so slow but you still see it! and while it's interesting for me, other people visiting me say 'wow these are ugly now' or 'they look just like they looked a month ago' hahaha :)

  2. Right on! And the year we don't lose a Lithops or two will be the year I kick the bucket. It comes with the territory.