Friday, February 25, 2011

Late winter snow!

Wow! We must have been greeted with almost an inch of snow this morning! From the newscasts one would think we were approach a monumental winter catastrophe. We're such wimps here in Portland. The doctor's office even called to cancel my appointment because many of the workers couldn't make it in!!! I couldn't believe it.
Oh well, it's enough for me. It makes it look pretty for an hour or two and then goes away. And the flowers can continue to push their colorful heads up through the newly defrosted ground. In spite of the snow, Spring is coming on fast!


  1. ustedes se acercan a la primavera y nosotros al otoño.
    preciosa fotografía . es muy bello Oregon

  2. Yes indeed. This is a *very late cold spell for us, the coldest since 1964 for this time of year (las temperaturas esperaron alcanzar -9 C esta noche). Some of the "marginal" plants will be stretched to their limits. Enjoy your late summer, early spring.