Thursday, February 11, 2010

Road Trip and Drunkard's Dream - Oops! not a good combination!

Haven't had time to do much with photos today. We're heading out on a one day road trip tomorrow to Central Oregon with stops at Mt. Hood, the Warm Springs Indian Reservation, Madras, Redmond, Sisters and then back across the Cascade Mountains (through the Santiam Pass), up through the Willamette Valley and home. The main reason for the trip is to take care of some business at Warm Springs (our younger son - adopted - is Arapaho and Warm Springs).

In the meantime a photo from the archives: Hatiora salicornioides 'Drunkard's Dream'. This is an old plant we've had for years and it's flowering now - just didn't have time to take the picture - therefore this one from last year. It's been through a multitude of moves through the years and been banged around quite a bit. But it hangs in there...


  1. Congratulations!!! I love hatiora salicornoides!!
    Wonderful plant!.
    Thanks for sharing!