Thursday, February 4, 2010

Books on Succulents

Whenever we make it to the local bookstore, you can always find me checking if they have any new books on succulents. Usually they don't. But once in a while I do.

I did the other day. It was in the "bargains" section. That's usually a give away. It was about interior designing with plants...and they really liked succulents. But let's get real: a planter full of Echeverias on the coffee table in the living area, with no access to bright light? This just won't work. Echeverias don't do well as house plants. The same with the "other" hens and chicks, Sempervivums. There an alpine plant and they like the outdoors. Indoors they begin to look like those scraggly little plants I observe in the local grocery store!

Which reminds me. Last year I did a little experiment. Every time I observed a succulent plant covered with mealy bugs or (ugh!) scale, or collapsed in a mush of rot, I would leave a small note indicating the problem. Then I would wait and observe. On average it took 5 days to a week before anyone took note. Gives you pause doesn't it?

Tomorrow, back to pictures.

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