Saturday, October 3, 2009

Lobivia saltensis

I'm afraid I've been really busy getting the greenhouses ready for winter. Our night-time temperatures are dropping into the low 40s (F) and may get into the upper 30s by next week,'s the annual battle of trying to get all the plants that need protection back in the greenhouses. But there's never enough room. What we need is a larger greenhouse!

So, just to get my mind off all that kind of minutia, I've reached back to a Spring photo of Lobivia saltensis. I guess I'm kinda feeling like the owner of the coffee house we go to in the morning for a latte and cappucino. (She's from Paris and runs the Madrona Hill Cafe here in Portland.) I asked her how she was and she answered that she was eagerly awaiting Spring!

So why not? A shot of cactus flowers from the past to help ease us into the cooler months which lie ahead.

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