Monday, October 12, 2009

Old Nevada Motel

We have a Pacific storm arriving this week - actually three storms - bringing with them our first real Autumn weather. It'll be windy and a bit wet. Welcome to Oregon - at least Western Oregon. It almost makes me yearn for Nevada and the sunny, open spaces. But then I look back at this photo of an old - dead - motel in central Nevada and remember why we like it here in Western Oregon! And pretty soon Nevada will begin to get quite cold.

I'll take the rain. Yes, the weather in Southern California can be ideal, but then we'd have to put up with the congestion and crowded freeways. And Southern Arizona is just too hot in the summer. And so, here we are, in wet and windy Portland, Oregon, and not complaining.

Oh, and we did get the plants out of the weather in time.

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