Saturday, September 12, 2009

Lithops bromfeldii var. glaudinae C116

Ever since we began growing succulent plants some 40 years ago I've been fascinated by these little plants. To me, the flowers are almost an anticlimax to the beauty in their fat little faces.

OK, that's getting a little sappy, but you get the point. These plants illustrate the point. Who needs flowers to enjoy plants like these?


  1. I fell in love with lithops only 3 years ago but i understand what you mean. even though lithops flowers are like miracles people don't usually expect to "come out" of these plants, i feel like they sort of hide the beauty they've had all along :)

  2. You express it well. I'm not discounting the flowers - they do kind of seem like miracles! - and I look forward to them in the Fall, but the real attraction is the amazing complexity and beauty of the leaf patterns, and how their appearance changes with the light and time of year.