Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Haworthia roots

Lynn-Marie's been re-potting some of the plants and this photo shows some of the root system. This illustrates why I often say that enhancing good root growth is the what we're about. And it also demonstrates why it's important to examine the roots periodically. This helps determine the health of the plant, whether there are root pests, and whether the plant needs to be potted in a larger pot. Just looking at the part of the plant that's above ground wouldn't give you a clue as to the size of pot the plant really needs.


  1. When I see roots that big I begin to wonder how much succulents may suffer from being root bound. It's not unusual to pull a specimen from a pot not much larger than the plant itself, and discover quite a sizable mass of root structure relative to the portion of the plant that lives above ground!

    1. The desert cacti usually do quite well when pot bound and will usually flower better. The only caution is that when there is a large tap root one has to be especially careful regarding soil aeration. This plant was growing in a tray with others of the same species and thus had free root roam. In this situation the growth of the plant is much better and healthier.

  2. Eu fico com pena de tirar do pote, mas quando vejo que
    a planta está definhando eu retiro do pote.


  3. That is very impressive! I learn something new from your blog every time I check it.