Thursday, October 10, 2013

Euphorbia bupleurifolia

Sometimes called the "leafy pine cone" for obvious reasons, this was a plant we always wanted to have when we were younger, but we often couldn't find it - and when we could, we couldn't afford it. Still fairly rare in collections, but not as much as it once was. They're grown from seed, but are not the fastest to get to adulthood. Come to think of it, I know some people who've never made it to adulthood...
Enjoy your plants!


  1. Ela é estranha , e a dúvida , ela dá flores?

    tenha um bom fim de semana.

    1. Like most euphorbias, the flowers are insignificant. It stays fairly small, so it's fairly easy to grow on a windowsill, for example.

      Our children and grandchildren come over every other Friday and tonight's the night. I'm to cook, so it's something easy: baked acorn squash and "Sloppy Joes".

      Our best to you!