Saturday, July 13, 2013


I think our alpine beds are getting away from us. We were planning on dividing and transplanting this bed this spring, but it didn't happen, and it's certainly not going to happen while we're preparing for the show and sale. Maybe this fall...


  1. Estas plantinhas são muito legais para quadro vivo, queria aproveitar o ensejo , para lhe perguntar que clima que a Hawortia harborium prefere? aguardo resposta.
    bom fim de semana.

    1. Hi Simone,
      I'm not aware of any Haworthia with the species name of "harborium". If you could post a picture of it I might be able to help. Most are of easy care and grow pretty much continuously. Some, from the winter rainfall areas of South Africa, are touchy regarding water during the summer. None are particularly hardy and they are fairly tolerant of shady conditions. Hope this helps.