Monday, July 22, 2013

Euphorbia obesa ssp. symmetrica

Often sold as Euphorbia symmetrica, now considered a subspecies of E. obesa, this becomes a really nice specimen plant but is quite attractive as a small plant. And then there are the striking euphorbia flowers, which are either male or female, depending on the plant. Want to get seed, get two plants which have already been determined to be one or the other. Otherwise, buy a bunch and hope for the best!  :)


  1. Bela planta, quero ver se acho desta especie por aqui.

    boa semana.

  2. Hi Simone,
    Hopefully you'll be able to find it near there. Euphorbia obesa and E. obesa ssp. symmetrica are almost identical and it may be easier to find E. obesa.
    I've enjoyed your blog postings.