Thursday, November 8, 2012

Lapidaria margaretae

I actually had time to be in the greenhouses for a bit today; I had to get the heaters going as the weather is now getting a bit chilly. These plants have a growing habit which is very similar to Lithops, but it has more leaves at a time. The flowers are big and impressive, with upright stamens.


  1. These are amazing looking plants also. Are they tougher/easier to look after than Lithops?

  2. Hi Ngeun,
    They're easier than lithops, at least in our experience. They probably have a close affinity to the evolutionary precursors to lithops. These flowers haven't opened up yet, but they're quite large when they do.

  3. I've also wondered how closely they are related to Lithops. I have one seedling growing currently. Hope it thrives!