Saturday, June 30, 2012

Kiani and Osita

OK. No cactus or succulent here. Just a blurry snapshot. But look closely; those are our two Belgian Tervurens - mama and daughter - Kiani & Osita, speeding around the corner on the way to dinner. Out of the way. Here they come!


  1. Great! It's such a good feeling to see happy dogs, cats, pets, whatever. And it's funny to see how they can change from their sluggish state to being all alive and active again within an instance, usually around meal or walk times. Lol! Our dog, Swan, an Ibizan hound is eight this year, and I cannot believe how fast time goes by. She has more grey around her muzzle now and she just looks a bit older, but she is still very alert and active, and still acts like a complete clown, especially around meal or walk times. Lol. Cool photo too! :-)

  2. My German Shepard died last year, and seeing this just makes me want another...they become real children in the family! Thanks Luther.