Saturday, September 24, 2011

Late season flowers: Epithelantha micromeris ssp. unguispina

When we first obtained this plant it was simply Epithelantha unguispina, but now it's just a subspecies...but a nice subspecies! The bloom is just beginning to emerge, getting larger, but not large.


  1. Me encantan los espinudos como este sobretodo cuando viene la flor en camino, tengo uno muy parecido a este es una mammillaria spinosissima, peo nunca me ha florecido lo Ășnico que da muchos hijos, saludos.

  2. Thanks Marisol,
    I always appreciate your comments. Yes, we have a huge collection of Echeverias, almost too many for us to manage. We're probably be reducing the numbers this next year.
    I'm sure you're enjoying your Spring and the new flowers.