Sunday, September 25, 2011

Late season flowers: Echinocereus rigidissimus subsp. rubispinus

We've posted this plant on many occasions, but that's partly because it's such a great plant. It flowers dependably from early Spring into the early Fall, and they are indeed spectacular; but the plants are themselves amazing, with their tightly appressed reddish spines. Right now they're adding a bit of brightness as the skies begin to darken and a small coastal storm begins to bring rain and wind. Fall is here.
Please, enjoy your plants!


  1. Preciosos tu echinocereus, tengo dos variedades que van a florecer un par de semanas mas, buenĂ­simas fotos. saludos.

  2. I have this one too for several years in a pot but mine never blooms. It sits in the sun, but maybe it's too much sun and not enough water here in Phoenix.