Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Frailea mammifera (and personal note)

Yesterday, when I was feeling a bit better, I took a photo of this little group of Frailea mammifera. I've always liked these little gems but we haven't had them around for quite a few years. When they flower I'll get another post up.
This wasn't one of my better days. Earlier today I was headed back to the house coffee in hand, escorting the dogs from their morning run, and I tripped on a hose. The end result was that I made a 2 point landing on the cement patio...the 2 points being my left hand and my head! (The right hand was busy holding the coffee cup.) Crack! And, with blood all over the place, all I could think of was that I had broken one of my favorite coffee cups!!!

The end result was that I received abrasions and contusions (and headache) which look a lot worse than they are. The CT scan cleared me of anything worse. So...I look like I've been in a big fight with someone...and I lost. Lynn-Marie suggested that she take a picture of me in among the cacti with the note: "Enjoy your plants, but don't hug the wrong ones!"


  1. Lutero no sabes cuanto lo siento , espero que te recuperes muy pronto, te deseo lo mejor, ya que tu oraste por mi ahora yo lo haré por ti, te tengo un gran aprecio.
    La frailea se ve muy bonita y supongo que esos son botones, que luego veré en flor, saludos y un gran abrazo.

  2. Thanks Marisol. You are appreciated. I'm doing fine; just a "goose egg" on my forehead, a few cuts and scrapes, bruising and an occasional headache. Thanks for your concern.