Sunday, July 10, 2011

Copiapoa tenuissima flower

One of the several Copiapoa tenuissima crests or monstrose plants we have in our collection, this one was flowering yesterday, so I'm sharing it with you. These are relatively easy to grow and bloom with regularity in our greenhouse.


  1. estas son de mi paĆ­s y esta muy hermosa, pues parece que en invernadero florecen mas, felicitaciones,

  2. Yes, and I'll probably never be able to afford to come to Chile to view the Copiapoa in habitat. But, yes, the grow well in the greenhouse. This particular species has a tendency to crest.

    What I don't have at this time and hope to be able to afford sometime soon is Copiapoa cinerea. One nursery we go to has some large clumps of them but, even at wholesale, they're very expensive.