Monday, June 28, 2010

Un-named Trichocereus hybrid

If you ever wanted proof that I make mistakes, this is it! I admit, we're not experts on the Trichocereus hybrids. And I got the name of this one way wrong. First of all, I misread the label. It said 'June Noon', not 'June Moon'. But then I did a little research - it didn't take much - and this clearly is not 'June Noon'. The Southern California grower had the wrong label on it since the flower's the wrong color. So it remains an "unnamed" Trichocereus hybrid.

So we don't have a name. Maybe someone out there can identify it for us. I guess without a name, it can't be any good, right? Well, maybe for some people. But we have fallen in love with this flower. The name doesn't really matter.

1 comment:

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