Monday, June 14, 2010

Getting ready for the OCSS Sale

I've been busy the last few days. I'm retired, but still do some things related to my profession. A friend had requested that I  officiate at the interment of her ashes, which I did on Friday, and today I filled in for a pastor who was out of town. But the real time investment has been in preparation for the OCSS sale next weekend. Lynn-Marie has been potting up cacti for the last few days (somewhere between 15 and 20 flats) and is just now getting to the other succulents. I kind of work in the background preparing potting soil, carrying things around, going for supplies, etc., but have also potted up a flat of Lithops and will pot up another flat tomorrow before going to my cardiologist appointment.
Getting ready for a sale like this is quite time consuming since, being an internet-mail order nursery, our plants are generally grown in trays and aren't individually potted. The Pleiospilos plants above look about as exhausted as we are!

Hope to see some of you locals out at the sale.

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