Monday, August 31, 2009

Lithops optica ssp. rubra

OK, so I said I'd get back to more images of Haworthias. I will; I really will. But I just couldn't resist posting this closeup photo of a Lithops seedling...Lithops optica ssp. rubra. Years ago we bought a bunch of these in California and on the way home in our trusty old VW camper we decided to camp out in central Oregon, which is high desert country. When we came back from a long hike we found all the "rubras" had been eaten by chipmunks. Mind you, none of the other Lithops...just the optica rubras! That's a true story. And one more reason we like these critters so much...the Lithops, that is.

And yes, we still like chipmunks. They're cute little critters too.

1 comment:

  1. interesting! i wonder what makes them tastier than others, haha
    (now i feel bad for not having any of the rupras)