Sunday, August 30, 2009

Haworthia magnifica var splendens GM452

I have a few moments before heading off to the fair so -- another photo. This time it's one of the more valuable plants we have: Haworthia magnifica var. splendens. These are seed grown plants (GM452) and they aren't for sale yet.

As they reach maturity they develop a beautiful patina - a kind of porcelain glaze - on the leaf surface which is just amazing.

These plants were so much in demand that it had the potential of placing habitat at risk. However, with the increasing availability of seed grown plants (in this case with seed collected on site), the values have come down from many hundreds of dollars per plant to still expensive but less so, reducing the incentive to collect the plants from the wild.


  1. I love this Haworthia....look magnificent!!

  2. They are very nice !!
    You have some of this for sale now or some seeds ?

  3. We don't have any for sale at this time but likely will have in the future. Plants are growing on, but aren't ready to sell. We offer various seed grown H. magnifica splendens (=H. pygmaea splendens) periodically.