Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Returning from the Hilton

We delivered 20 desert dish garden centerpieces to the Hilton for a Regence Blue Shield conference, and that was what I was going to post about. But on our way home we passed the intersection of Interstate and Greeley, the site of the fatal bicycle/truck accident a couple of weeks ago. As we approached the intersection we saw the fire truck and ambulance and as we passed slowly by, were confronted by what appeared to be another injured cyclist on a stretcher.

We don't know the details. All we know is that we need to do better. We're proud of our city's reputation of being bicycle friendly, but if we are, we need to spend some money on safer intersections and stronger enforcement.

Update: The cyclist will be ok, but was thrown over the hood of the car. Updates are available at http://bikeportland.org/.

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