Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fouquieria purpusii

Grown from seed, this is the crown jewel of the Fouquierias.  Not readily available and much prized, for good reason, with its  outstanding markings. This is a good-sized plant and is available for sale to the discriminating caudiciform collector. Feel free to inquire.

Nights are getting colder (in the mid 50s F), but still sunny and no rain. Moved some 20 wheelbarrows of composted horse manure the last few days and now have to start sealing up the greenhouses and getting the plants back in. I love Autumn, but getting all those plants organized and back in the greenhouses is not a favorite task of the season. But it has to be done...


  1. Hola Luther es preciosa no la conocia y por lo que leo se te viene mucho trabajo, espero estés bien junto a tu familia.
    Un abrazo.

  2. Truly amazing looking plant! Everything about it looks impressive. Thanks for sharing this.