Wednesday, October 10, 2012

For the Time Being

No time to take pictures today. Today was go to the dentist for bi-annual cleanings day. It was also a day to continue moving plants into the greenhouses before the rains come (cooler temperatures and rain predicted for Friday). And for those in the US, I'm one of those who almost always gets the automatic extension for filing my income taxes...which means my taxes are due by next Monday. And I'm one of those who has always done it himself, so there's that too. In other words, there's not enough time in the day.  Oh, I mustn't forget, also have to get a package of plants off to China tomorrow.

It sure is fun being retired!

Oh, and the title? For me it brings back the last section of the wonderful poem by W H Auden, Christmas Oratorio:
                   But, for the time being, here we all are,
                   Back in the moderate Aristotelian city
                   Of darning and the Eight-Fifteen, where Euclid’s geometry
                   And Newton’s mechanics would account for our experience,
                   And the kitchen table exists because I scrub it.
But then, I end up back in the greenhouse, organizing the plants for winter, and there's a lot more...again!
Enjoy your plants!


  1. Lucky you! I was forced to move my cacti to the basement a month ago. Rains were way too heavy.

  2. We've had .25 inches of rain since July 1. We're expecting a little over an inch by Sunday. We generally don't get massive amounts of rain, but winters tend to be gray and drab with a log of mist and drizzle.

  3. Hope you were nice to the dentist! Beautiful poem, xmas not far now. Best! :)