Thursday, March 31, 2011

Uncarina roeoesliana and Uncarina peltata

A little change of pace today. The flowers in the first photo are on Uncarina roeoesliana. The second photo includes both U. roeoesliana (in the front row) and U. peltata (in the back row), showing the difference in the caudex. The U. peltata flowers have a purple throat. They're from the island nation of Madagascar.
These flowers are pollinated by beetles and the usual method of hand pollinating the flowers doesn't work. They like a fair amount of water, with - of course - adequate drainage.

The following picture isn't from our plants. It shows the seedpod on a plant in Madagascar.
Seed pod of Uncarina roeoesliana at Androhahel...Image via Wikipedia
Enjoy your plants.
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  1. que lindas plantas y que bueno que las compartas,
    un saludo cordial Marisol.

  2. please can you tell me how to handle the seeds. Before and during sowing etc