Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fockea edulis flower

The science fiction flower for today is ... Fockea edulis!  The species name - edulis - means edible, but I'm not about to cook up some Fockea soup. Parts are poisonous and the parts which I understand were eaten by native peoples were cooked first, to deactivate the alkaloids in the latex.

But the flower is like it's from another galaxy. It's pollinated by fruit flies, so if you have a problem with fruit flies... Oh, and you need more than one plant if you want to get seeds; you need both a male and female as the flowers are dioecious. (Those science people have such wonderful words!)

Now, take a sniff! (Ignore that instruction if your computer isn't equipped with latest "odoromatic" gadget!) The flowers are sweet smelling. How else do you think they're going to attract those fruit flies? :)

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