Sunday, August 29, 2010

Echeveria 'Fleur Blanc'?

We received this last year as Echeveria 'Fleur Blanc'. If this is a valid cultivar, please help us. We can't find it anywhere and the flower is anything but "blanc". It's a nice plant. We like it. But it would be nice if we could get confirmation of the name or some other information about it. Anyone out there have a clue? Right now, we're clueless! (just about this plant, mind you...)


  1. I wonder if they meant the plant rather than the flower. Can you compare the bloom to Echeveria imbricata and glauca - the foliage seems similar?

  2. We considered that possibility except that "Fleur Blanc" seems rather straight forward in French: White Flower. I know, perhaps it is referring to the plant as the "flower". Possible, but it doesn't look quite look like Echeveria 'Imbricata' and though it has some superficial likeness to some forms of E. secunda (=glauca), it doesn't quite fit the description there either, both regarding the flowers or the leaves. I'm afraid I'm still baffled but I very much appreciate the input. Thanks.

  3. could it be a hybrid of E. secunda X subselessis?

  4. Altman Plants in Vista, CA carries a large line of succulents and cactus, including the Echeveria Fleur Blanc. Wal-mart carries this line of plants.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Of course, we know Altman's. Doesn't everyone? (By the way, Wal-mart doesn't bother carrying succulents here, but other big box stores do carry some, mostly from Altman's.) The question wasn't about where to find this plant but what its lineage is. We have plenty of the plants; that's not a problem.