Saturday, December 1, 2007

Wind in the Willows...or, worse yet, the Box Elders

Leave it to the newspapers and the TV news to get everyone a little jittery over our next expected storm. Headline: "Oregon may get first hurricane warning" Then, buried deep inside the article, it's explained that the term "hurricane warning" wasn't permitted to be used for non-hurricane wind storms until some 5 years ago. Compared to some of the really big wind storms we've had in the past, this one probably will be significant but not humongous.

Even so, we spent some of our time today battening down the hatches in preparation for another "Pineapple Express." There likely will be wind gusts to 50 mph later today and tomorrow. Probably won't ship any plants until later this week!

The original owners of this home planted a series of variegated box elders along the edge. Pretty, but very brittle, so we'll probably have some firewood pretty soon.

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