Thursday, May 12, 2016

E-Bay Site using our images to sell plants they don't have

[Update: It appears that the seller referred to below has now removed the photos and plants mentioned below per our request. ] One of our buyers has noted that an E-Bay seller has been using our photos without our permission and is selling plants which are misidentified as offsets from plants in our collection. We have notified him of this but he continues to list the plants and use our images. Before buying anything from this buyer, I urge you to take this into consideration. His (or her) ID is  mysarah87    and an example of one of the items he has listed is  located here.  On our webpage it is listed here. The item they describe doesn't have a photo on our page, but - not to worry - they simply take the picture for the next plant which isn't the plant they say they are selling. In addition, they are selling their plant as offsets of our plant (not possible) for $150.00. Our whole plants, grown from seed, are listed at $65.00.
Thanks. I'll be posting some more pictures soon.


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