Saturday, April 6, 2013

Haworthia bayeri GM264

The first of the haworthias I'll be posting over the next week is this nice specimen of Haworthia bayeri, grown from GM264 seed. The dark leaves are set off with the amazing lineation.

Originally included in H. emelyae, GM264 is from near Uniondale in South Africa.


  1. I just bought a new Haworthia, so I'm going to be reading your blog carefully, to figure out which species it is, and how to best care for it!

    1. I hope I can be of assistance. It's sometimes difficult to determine the species from the appearance, as they can vary considerably depending on the environment. This species, which is still quite rare in collections (we've been growing them on and haven't put them up for sale yet), isn't going to be one you'll obtain locally. However, as an example, most of the bayeri plants become dark green in cultivation. Those from near Uniondale are among the darkest, but even these will mostly be green in cultivation.

      Also, grown with inadequate light, all haworthias tend to begin to look like each other.