Friday, January 13, 2012

Haworthia emelyae var. comptoniana

As we look forward to our expected first snow flurry of the year, my attention goes back inside the greenhouse. Actually, I wish I could have been out in the greenhouses with the plants, but had to spend my time packing plants for shipments to California, Florida and here in Portland. So Lynn-Marie did all the photography, catching these beauties. Wonderful plants with lovely markings.
Of course we still take time most days to have a short break in the afternoon for an Irish coffee or a latte. Yesterday it was lattes made on our little home "espresso" machine. I like to make them with the coffee and milk separated and a little whipped cream along with the some dark chocolate shavings and a little cinnamon. Mmmmm.
Enjoy your plants
...and your latte, or...

1 comment:

  1. Hola Lutero espero que estés muy bien, pasando a la haworthia es muy hermosa, parece que hay una gran variedad de ellas.
    Y ese café irlandés se ve delicioso. un abrazo.