Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Lithops Growing Season

Out in the greenhouses again today I noticed the Lithops. This is a fascinating time for them, as they grow their inner leaves. I didn't have my camera with me so this is a file photo from a previous year. And though we've been growing these little jewels for over 30 years, I'm still amazed at their growth every new year.


  1. Great that you're still amazed! I discovered Lithops less than two years ago and was enchanted, after reading and looking at diagrams, to see the real thing doing exactly what it ought to. Funny how you don't expect it even when all conditions are right.

    I blogged some photos recently but mis-named my flowering Lithops as a Rubra when it isn't at all. I think it's a Hallii, not sure. I do perfectly well know what a rubra looks like. (D'oh.) Anyway my rubra did flower last week as well. They're magical little things. :0)

    ~ mand

  2. Thanks. I clicked on your blog and enjoyed it very much. My enjoyment of poetry really took off when I was an undergraduate at Lewis & Clark College and one of my freshman profs was William Stafford. His poetry still moves me.

    Lithops are amazing little plants. I don't know how anyone could tire of them.

  3. aaaah i see i have a lot of catching up to do!

    thank you for posting the picture.
    can't get enough of them :)

  4. Welcome back Rika. It's been a while. And, yes, I plan on getting a few more photos this week as things permit.
    Good to hear from you. Hope your studies are going well.