Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Euphorbia flanaganii flowers

One of the Medusa Head Euphorbias, this one puts out quite a display of flowers. Several of ours are flowering right now.
And we're almost ready for the OCSS show and sale. We've potted up enough plants to fill 35 or so flats, plus some specimens. Now comes the fun of transporting them all there. The show begins on Friday at 9 am and ends Sunday at 4 pm. I'll be giving a presentation on succulent plants at 1 pm on
This all takes place at Portland Nursery, 5050 SE Stark St. in Portland. Hope to see some of you there (specifically, those who are in the Portland area; but if you want to fly in :) we'll give you the red carpet treatment!


  1. I love the medusa euphorbias. That one is putting on quite a display.

  2. Gostei do tapete vermelho,
    sucesso pra ti.

    boa semana.

  3. consegui o nome da espécie que te perguntei , é uma
    aeonium arborium , ela cresce caule sem folhas e da uma roseta na cor roxa, especia muito bela , queria saber se ela tem que ser recolhida no inverno? que clima que ela gosta?


  4. Aeonium arborium is green, so it's likely Aeonium arborium 'Atropurureum' or A. arborium 'Zwartkop'. A couple of good references are and We know the people at San Marcos Nursery and they are pretty accurate with their information.

    Tomorrow's going to be a long day. I'll continue to set up at 7:30 am and finish up at 7pm (19:00). Have a great day.

  5. Hi Luther,
    I'm falling in love to your blog! I'll put this adress in my favorites blogs and on my FanFace too.
    I have one but it's a "child" : .
    Cintia - SP-BR

    1. Welcome Cintia. I hope I can continue to keep it entertaining. After we get through with the current show and sale, I'll try to post more, but we may be off on a short road trip to southern California for some rest and relaxation. Feel free to add your comments at any time.