Thursday, June 27, 2013

Gymnocalycium baldianum flower

This is an awful photo. I'll get a better on in a couple of days.
This should be in every cactus growers collection, even the very beginner, as it is of easy cultivation and flowers most dependably. Even us old timers love it.

If they don't shrivel up in the next few days, it should be flowering like mad. Our weather is a bit weird lately. We've been in the 60s F for the last couple of weeks, with occasional drizzle. Today we were in the low 80s, tomorrow we should hit 90, and by Tuesday some forecasters are predicting 104! And with the recent moisture the humidity is also going to be high. This is not our kind of weather. Help!!!


  1. Is just to say that you have a beautiful blog, with lovely photos.

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    1. I visited your site and you have some beautiful photos. And thanks for your visit here. Peace.