Thursday, January 3, 2013

Haworthia arachnoidea var. scabrispina

This is a picture from our archives. I just haven't had time to get out and do some photography. This plant was grown from collected seed but the location data was lost. Outstanding plants.

I hope you all had wonderful Christmas and New Year's celebrations. We were blessed by the presence of our granddaughter (13 years old) for a little over a week. Now that she's returned to California we're struggling with colds and bronchitis, but hopefully we'll get over this soon enough. Our weather finally turned cold for the new year, finally getting some below freezing temeratures for a few nights.

I'll try to be much more regular in my posting in the weeks and months ahead.


  1. This has been an awful flu season- we've all been out for 2 weeks! Feel better soon and Happy New Year!