Friday, October 8, 2010

Purr-Purr the Nursery Cat

OK, I've been remiss. I haven't introduced you to our nursery cat, Purr-Purr. We adopted her as a small kitten from the Oregon Humane Society a few years ago and she's settled right in. She has a mind of her own but she also craves human attention. She and the dogs have pretty much come to terms, as long as she doesn't run. That's like taunting Osita. You run, I run!
Tonight, however, it wasn't Purr-Purr she chased. It was a couple of raccoons who were venturing onto our property (a regular occurrence).
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  1. Wow, Purr-Purr is a beauty! Did you know that cats with three different fur colors are supposed to be lucky cats?

    So, keep taking good care of her and give her an extra cuddle from me, please! :D

  2. she is so cute! thanks for posting about her :) you're so lucky to be able to have a cat, and she's really lucky to be able to run around! To have a cat is a dream of mine but there's just no way: even though I'm allowed to, the appartment is way too small.. one day, one day.