Monday, October 1, 2007

Where's the Cactus???

Yes, I know. We named this the "Oregon Cactus Blog" and there's ne'er been a single cactus on it's pages since it began! What gives??

When we named the blog, "Oregon Cactus & Succulent Blog" and "Oregon Succulent Blog" just didn't have the right ring to them. So we succumbed to the common (if inaccurate) practice of placing all succulent plants under the moniker 'cactus'. We then proceeded to focus exclusively on that part of our "Cactus Blog" subject matter that isn't cactus at all.

So it's time to rectify that with a photo from our cactus collection.

This is the plant we chose for our logo. We list it as Rebutia krainziana Kesselring, but it is now generally considered to be a "form" of Rebutia marsoneri Werdermann. R. marsoneri generally has yellow flowers, whereas R. krainziana has very distinctive red flowers. Call it what you wish, it's one of the showiest cacti in our nursery despite its relatively small size, flowering off and on from Spring to early Fall. One plant is still flowering!

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  1. The blog is fantastic! Congrats...and we are once again kicking ourselves for missing your open house. Though, in all honesty, we seem to have little time to take care if living organisms other than ourselves and our dog. Also, thank you very much for the kind words.